Looking Back 145 years to a time of worship in a place WOW!

This place doesn’t look like the suffering that took place for the early church to worship. Just getting to this place was a sacrifice. We see a few changes but the memories on the ground is still there.

I had the opportunity to begin my Sunday worship in historical Kingstown with the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. We celebrated our Lord with scriptures, prayer, praise, and the Word!

I closed my day at the Tucker’s Grove Camp meeting. We celebrated with the fellowship, singing, food, and the word!

This was August 25th 2019 and retirement took me to places of my dreams and visions for my life.

I am entering the second year of retirement and it has been wonderful preaching, teaching, and traveling.

Yes, Christ Community, Friendly Hill, and St. Peter burns in heart but…..

May I shout out to Hopper’s Chapel, Maiden Chapel, Gold Hill, both Macedonians, Fancy Hill, Eskridge Grove, Palmer’s Grove, St. John, Peoples, Lawndale, Divine True Holiness, Emmanuel, Mt. Moriah, Mt. Sinai, New High Springs, Mt. Calvary Vale, Mt. Pisagh, Green Pond and this is just a few that have made my retirement wonderful.

I am not certain where God will lead me from here but where he leads I will follow! If my second year is like my first year WOW!

Sallie and I are still working on our bucket list. We saw Alaska and Hawaii but eyes have not seen nor ears heard what the Lord has in store for those who love Him and are called.

As I sit at my desk this morning I can say I have been to the mountain top and I have seen the coming of the Lord. Just like Dr. King I want to live a long time for long life has its place but seeing Jesus is a better reward!

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