$$$ and Sense

Luke 11:3 (KJV)
3  Give us day by day our daily bread.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in the home of my grandmother who was born in 1902. She did not get an opportunity to go to school so she could not read, write or count money.

The reason I selected making your dollars make sense is on Saturday we would go to town to buy groceries for the week. During the summer months we worked in the peach fields picking peaches for three dollars a day. And we would work half a day on Saturday.

After we got out of the fields we would go to town. My grandmother would shop and my role was to give her the price of each item. We had a budget of twenty dollars. It was my role to see that we didn’t over spend.

We did comparison shopping. We didn’t get to bring home what we like to eat but we brought home what would sustain us until the next week.

Tip: Learn to shop by comparing prices and staying in line with a budget

9 thoughts on “$$$ and Sense

  1. Carolyn Crawford

    I don’t buy unless it’s on sale. And still compare prices. If it’s too high I leave it. I’ve always tried to buy as much for my money. And don’t ever pay for furniture or a car for what they are asking.


  2. Helen

    Buy in bulk when on sale & freeze in meal size portions. Saves money & cuts down on trips to the grocery store. Keeping my lights on.


  3. Tracy

    Just because it’s on sale does not mean you need to buy it. Most of the time you have so much in the cabinets that it goes out of date because you’re not cooking as much. Only buy what your family eats to avoid cooking and nobody ear it.


  4. Reba Ramseur-Williams

    I don’t mind comparing prices. And if it’s something I can make, I do that. I’m a crafter so I make things. I want my money to stretch.


  5. Nakima “Nikki” Clark

    You must have a plan for your money because If you don’t it will leave you and you won’t know when it went. Also because using a card bc you don’t see it leaving as fast when you swipe all the time. I use the envelope method I have a grocery , gas , and misc envelope. I only spend in those categories for those categories and misc Etc …is for me can be various things that I want. But I try to not spend it all bc when it’s gone it’s gone.
    Thank you pastor for this !! We all need to make our $$ make sense



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