Moving beyond the familiar- William Thompson

If you would like to see a new way then start with setting new boundaries. The old boundaries are your limitations as to how far you might go.

How far you move the boundary lines will be determined by how far you want to see your life change.

I have heard people pray to maximize potential in life, yet they never move the boundary line therefore they never see any change in their lives.

4 thoughts on “Moving beyond the familiar- William Thompson

  1. Carolyn Crawford

    That’s so true Pastor Thompson. If life you have to set boundaries. If not you will never move from the normal. The holy spirit will guide you if you listen. Into all truth.Just set the BOUNDARIES AND WATCH GOD.


  2. Susanna Tims Lee

    I pray that I don’t purposely have boundaries because if I do that means that I an limiting God in my life. I fully understand that I can do all things through Jesus Christ. So if we don’t live our lives like that which we know then there is a possibility that we have boundaries. Knowing one thing and doing it is two different things. God if I have put you in a box by the life I live please forgive right now and move on my mind and heart so that I began to live out what I believe and know robe AMEN.


  3. Susanna Tims Lee

    I pray that I don’t have boundaries that limit me. Because if I do that means I have placed Christ in a box. I know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength. However knowing one thing is different from actually living that knowledge out in your life. I pray that if I have boundaries God please began to move me beyond them right now in the Name of Jesus.



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