Coffee Time January 16th

Panelist: Dr. Benjamin Hinton, Dr. Rodney Freeman, Elder Billy Houze, and Pastor Robert Coleman

Discussion Questions

The questions are not political questions for they are directed toward church life and leadership in the present and future church.

“Words have power then how leadership frames their words matter because they will direct actions.”

  1. Under the present conditions of covid, political polarization, the economic, and anxieties what type of leader will be needed to guide believers through these unchartered waters?

A. Chaplain/Caregiver/Shepherd

B. Apostolic Apostle – Trail blazer

2.      Can the type of leaders who guided the church to the present be as effective going forward?

3.      God’s word is truth and truth is under attack, how do we convince believers that what we preach has eternal implications?

4.      With many worshipers not attending a building for nearly a year how will leadership get them back into a traditional church environment? Or more importantly get them to engage in the five functions of the church.

The new norm of church will possible have a larger online presence that in the building?

How will the pastors seek to lead this type of church?

  1. Worship
  2. Fellowship
  3. Discipleship
  4. Evangelism
  5. Ministry

How do you see church mission as it relate to vision now laid out before the body?

People without a vision….

Is your present vision in need of a revamping?

  • Rewind the vision
  • Rethink the vision
  • Reset the vision for the present age

In what ways will your church be different in 2021 from 2020?

Are churches in a hold pattern waiting to reopen the building or has church already changed?

Have you covid proofed your church for Wedding – Baptisms – Funerals – New Members Classes –

If your church doesn’t make it back after Covid would it be missed?

What ways have you seen Virtual and Online Church have a positive effect your local congregation in reaching, teaching, and maturing the membership?

What ways have you seen Virtual and Online Church have a negative effect on the local congregation?

If Online and Virtual Church has a 12 month shelf life will it……?

1.    Effect how we build church relationships and communicate

2.    Effect how we create ministries, ministry strategies and seek new people to join them {Will the sound and audio tech be as important as the organist and drummer}

3.    How we locate, invite and engage new searchers

4.    How we allocate the budget

5.    How we give people a reason to connect and communicate to others in the body

6.    How will we build singles, marriages, seniors, adults, and children ministries

7.    How do we meet the needs: Grief – Loneliness – corporate worship atmosphere – place of belonging – and families

8.    Gift discovery and Gift development

9.    Will the type of auxiliaries change from the traditional to meet needs in the future

Have you seen a need to restructure your mission given?

Have you seen a need to change your budget to meet technology development?

Have you seen a need to train and equip yourself, staff and deacons to help the membership with: Stress – Grief – depression – job lost – death – post covid church changes

Do you think the membership is prepared for few people returning to the church building due to death and drifting away of members?

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