2 thoughts on “United Way

  1. Mae overton

    Pastor Thompson we will never be able to repay you for all you have done in Cleveland Co area, but no one can bless you like God has bless you . My spiritual growth started with you Pastor Thompson when l was at my lowest,but God used you to :get me through and I haven’t looked back sense thank you with a God kind of love


  2. Shirley Crawfird

    No one knows exactly what a person is doing behind the scenes, especially when you are doing it to glorify God. I never would have known this if I hadn’t read it. I praise God for you being so humble and caring. Thank you so much for all the wisdom and encouragement you have given me over the years. I thank God for allowing me to sit among your teaching, words I cannot find to express my utmost respect and love I have for you. But do know your very best is yet to come after retirement. I love you as my Pastor, My Brother in law but most of all My Friend.



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