Tools for Gaining New Perspective

  1. Ask yourself the Peter Drucker questions:
  2. What is our mission?
  3. Who is our customer?
  4. What does our customer value?
  5. What is our plan?
  6. What are our results?
  7. Examine and clarify what you offer. Your product is whatever you offer people, Thinking about this can change your perspective because what you offer changes over time. What I offered a few years ago – running a college – is different from what I offer today, which is life coaching and consultation.
  8. Offer who you are. What’s better: A pastor who gives inspiring sermons or one who gives himself? Certainly, the greatest gift that one human being can give another is to offer themselves. It comes from focusing on who you are, not on what you do. Giving myself to my wife is very different from working harder at being a better husband. It’s all about emphasizing the inner realities over the external realities. In the end, who we are are spills over into what we do.
  9. Recertify yourself each year. Change is always necessary. We cannot assume that just because something works today it will continue to work tomorrow. You must either evolve or stagnate. We must strive to stay ahead of the game. It is too late to recognize the need for a change afterward. After things are broken!
  10. Commit to a personal development plan. We need to write down the future direction of the group or church.

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