A Church can find itself faced with Revitalizing means an existing congregation experiences health and turnaround. Replanting typically means another church acquires a declining or dying church and starts it anew. Relaunching could be considered a mixture approach.

The lost of a pastor, an aging congregation or a church split could call for a Relaunch. Please understand that it might be a little discomfort but it is truly necessary. You may like the way you are but the question has to be answered are we dying or we growing? Relaunch is not a bad word but a necessary word.

  1. Relaunching must address the issues and people that are barriers to church health.Church health is a DNA issue. Without changes in the essential hearts and attitudes of the people, healthy change will not take place.
  2. Relaunching if not done correctly can divide a church more.This divide can occur along many fault lines, especially worship styles and leadership role.
  3. Relaunching will struggle if expectations and sacrifices are not explicit and clear.Otherwise, members will have varying expectations about the changes and results of a new launch. Clarity and transparency are essential.
  4. Relaunching is often a compromise.It’s the “in-between” decision between revitalization and replan. There must be to total commitment to the process.
  5. Relaunching is often decided without really knowing the change readiness of the church.This factor is essential. This a question that each of you must answer in your hear. Am I ready for a Relaunch?

Many of you who have followed me for years know how much I enjoy preaching but my real passion is helping churches and pastors become fruitful for the kingdom. I have a passion to serve and help.

In order to be successful leaders buy in to a new process is important. This is a hard assignment but not an impossible assignment with us working together as Nehemiah did when he lead the people to rebuild the wall.

Change is never easy. We must think WIN WIN.

When we have winners and losers as a means of doing business the church will suffer. When all win God will be glorified.

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